Once you have bought the property of your dreams, there are a few more things to be done and we can help you with them, e.g.:

– Change the electricity meter and water meter into your name.
– Telephone and internet connection.
– Arrange postal service.
– Insurance for the house and its contents.
– Help with making a Greek will.

Other services we provide are:

• Refurbishment and/or renovation (see further down on this page),
• Buy furniture, decorative items and other equipment for your property,
• Landscaping,
• Placement of swimming pool,
• Installation of security systems,
• And, in general we will help you to get settled.


A house needs maintenance and cleaning in order to keep its value. During your absence from the property, to give you peace of mind, our Property Management services can provide all your maintenance requirements, ensuring they are carried out according to your specific instructions.

This includes:
– Regular inspection of your property,
– Cleaning services,
– Payment of bills (such as water, electric, telephone etc.),
– Help with official paperwork (e.g. annual tax declaration),
– Emptying of the sewage tank,
– Maintenance of your house and repair damage,
– Maintenance of the garden,
– Maintenance and cleaning of the swimming pool,
– Gardening,
– Maintenance of electric equipment (e.g. central heating system, airco’s),
– Yearly cleaning of fireplace,
– Cleaning and preparing the house in prior to your arrival incl. car rental and pick-up from airport,
– and other services upon request.

In the event that we encounter any damages during our regular inspections, we will inform you immediately and we will have the damage repaired after consultation with you. Our electricians, plumber, carpenters and other craftsmen are reliable and undertake almost every job.


We can help you with all your building works. If it is just a bit of TLC, refurbishment, a complete renovation or new build, we are there for you.

We will take the job as a project and will discuss every step of the way. The work will be done with specified contracts and payment can be made by instalments at the different stages of the build, with the final payment only being due on the completion of satisfactory work.


Planning permission is not required if the property is basically habitable, unless there are going to be significant changes or extensions.

Inside villages and towns planning permission can usually be granted for any plot. It is normally allowed to build on 70% of the ground area. Usually you can build a two-storey house with a maximum of 400 square metres.

Outside the town-planning zone you will require permission from the Forestry Department and the Archaeological Department and there has to be frontage to a principle municipal road.

If the plot is within 750 metres distance from the town-planning zone, permission can be granted for plots of 2,000 square metres or more. In this case it is normally allowed to build a two-storey house with a maximum of 200 square metres.

Otherwise, the plot has to have a minimum size of 4,000 square metres. Permission would be granted for a two-storey house with a maximum of 186 square metres.

Other rules apply for commercial properties.

Planning permission will only be granted if detailed plans are presented. As part of our service we can introduce you to experienced local English-speaking architects and engineers, who will give you advice, complete the drawings and obtain planning permission, and complete the whole process for you.

The cost of the work of the architect and the planning permission depends of the size and the type of the property.


Building costs will vary according to the specification of materials, the size and the location. Renovating an old stone house or ruin is often less expensive than a new build. A guide to the cost of the renovations is 850 Euros per square metre excluding the purchase price and the cost of planning permission. This is comparable to the cost of a new build, which will normally come in at approximately 1,500 Euros per square metre excluding the land and planning permission.


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